Your Guide to Istanbul Beylikduzu District ( Pros & Cons )

Beylikdüzü Istanbul

Beylikdüzü is a large and increasingly popular district in the European side of Istanbul. Located on the northwestern shores of the Sea of Marmara, it offers residents access to beaches and parks and other amenities such as international schools, hospitals and shopping centers.This is one of the most budget-friendly districts of the city. Another advantage is that it’s close to Atatürk Airport, 15 Minutes drive. For instance, countless malls and universities are nearby and all the projects in Beylikdüzü offer you a secure life with green areas. Public transportation is accessible with Metro, Metrobus and buses. 10-15 minutes drive to the seaside. And one more significant benefit: When you buy a property, you can find tenant easily or you can resale in a reasonable time. To find out if living in Beylikdüzü good, stay with us in this article.

Location of Beylikdüzü

Beylikduzu is located in the west of Istanbul, bordered by the region of Avcilar from the east, Esenyurt to the north, and Buyukcekmece to the west, and to the south is the Sea of Marmara, which we all see on the map of Beylikduzu:

Beylikduzu District Map

How many beylikduzu district in Istanbul?

Its area is about 11 square kilometers, and it has a population of 400.000.

The neighborhoods of the Beylikdüzü area are as follows:

  • barış Mahallesi
  • Cumhuriyet Mahalles
  • Gürpınar Mahallesi
  • marmara Mahallesi
  • yakuplu Mahallesi
  • Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi
  • Büyük Şehir Mahallesi
  • Dereağzı Mahallesi
  • Kavaklı Mahallesi
  • Sahil Mahallesi

Is Beylikduzu a good area?

As we mentioned, the Beylikdüzü District is considered one of the entertainment areas in Istanbul. In this district, various large shopping centers have given this area a peculiar beauty. Marmara Park shopping center, Migros shopping center, and Perlavista shopping center are among the shopping centers located in this district.

The location of beautiful restaurants and cafes next to the famous beach of this district is another recreational facility of this area. The presence of well-known restaurants and fast food branches such as McDonald’s and KFC and dozens of other famous restaurants in this district are other entertainment facilities of this city.

The Museum of Marine Creatures of Balıkçı Kenan, Altash Yakoplou Port, West Marina, Sultan Abdülaziz Palace, and the Japanese Garden are among the other recreational facilities of this beautiful district that are recommended to visit.

All these factors make Beylikdüzü one of the top locations for ex-pats moving here due to its convenient location coupled with reasonable living expenses. Now you know whether Beylikdüzü is an excellent place to live or not.

Transportation In Beylikduzu

Transportation to Beylikduzu has been relaxed with the extension of Metrobus line to the district. It is possible to reach Beylikduzu 24 hours by Metrobus. It takes approximately 60 minutes between Zincirlikuyu and Beylikduzu via Metrobus.There are many public transports in Beylikdüzü such as small and large buses allowing residents to go to anywhere they want easily, inside or outside the district. There is also a plan to provide marine taxis and ships, allowing residents of Beylikdüzü to go to the downtown of Istanbul and the Asian side of the city, saving their time and efforts.

Is Beylikdüzü safe?

Beylikdüzü district is one of the safest areas of Istanbul. Beylikdüzü is relatively safe compared with other famous districts such as Taksim or Sisli, providing much-needed peace of mind for those looking for a stress-free living environment.

The features of Beylikdüzü district

  • Coastline
  • Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center
  • Shopping (marmara park – Perlavista …)
  • Metrobus
  • park Valley Of Life ( Yaşam Vadisi )
  • West Marina Entertainment Complex
  • Ataturk Cultural and Artistic Center

Advantages of living in Beylikdüzü Istanbul

  • Parks and beaches
  • Affordable real estate prices
  • International schools and hospitals
  • shopping centers
  • Bright future

Disadvantages of living in Beylikdüzü Istanbul

  • Distance from Istanbul

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