Turkish Citizenship By Investment – Update 2023

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

There’s a way to obtain Turkish citizenship by an investment of $400,000+. Investors can choose one of five options: real estate purchase, business investments, bank deposit, and purchase of government bonds or units in an investment fund. The whole process takes 6 – 8 months.

Benefits of the Turkey Investment Visa

The Turkey Investment Visa offers many advantages, such as:

  • The ability to live, work, and study in the country just like a Turkish citizen.
  • Access to world-class healthcare services and excellent educational opportunities.
  • The right to own property and businesses in Turkey is unrestricted.
  • There are no restrictions on travel within the Schengen area.
  • The ability to obtain dual citizenship with other countries, if allowed under Turkish law

Benefits of travelling on a Turkish passport

Travel to 111 countries visa-free. Turkey has a visa-free regime with 111 countries. Its citizens can freely enter countries like Singapore, South Korea and many others.

A long-term US tourist visa. Turkish passport holders can obtain a B-1/B-2 combined visa for tourist and business purposes for 10 years. To do so, they need to gather all required documents, fill in an application form, pay a fee and schedule an appointment at the Embassy or Consulate of the USA in Turkey. After the visa expires, it can be extended remotely.
A 5-year Schengen visa. Turkish citizens can obtain a C-2 Schengen visa for 5 years. It allows you to stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days out of a 180-day period.
Enter Turkey anytime. One of the greatest benefits of Turkish citizenship is that Turkish passport holders can enter the country under any circumstances, even if the borders are closed. A second passport also gives an opportunity to leave the country of first citizenship if its borders are closed for any reason.

Who Can Apply for a Turkey Investment Visa?

The following individuals are eligible for the investment visa:

  • Business owners who want to invest in Turkey’s economy and create jobs in the country
  • Investors who want to purchase real estate in Turkey or set up a business entity there.
  • Professionals with specific skills, such as doctors, engineers, or IT professionals, are needed in the local market.
  • Retirees who are looking for a place with excellent healthcare services and an active lifestyle.
  • Students who want to pursue higher education at one of Turkey’s prestigious universities.
  • Family members can be included as dependents on an investor’s visa application form if they meet certain criteria, such as being married or related
  • by adoption or blood relation. For example, spouses and children under 18 can be added as dependents. However, unmarried adult children between the ages of 18 and 26 must provide extra paperwork, such as financial statements and, if applicable, marriage certificates.

What are the benefits of living in Turkey?

Obtaining a Turkish passport doesn’t mean that you must live in Turkey. However, many investors choose to move there or spend their holidays in the country for a number of reasons.

Weather and climate. The majority of the year in Turkey is warm and sunny. Winters are usually mild, and summers are warm and dry. The amount of sunny days per year is 300. The country is on board the Mediterranean sea, allowing citizens to enjoy the sea air and swim almost all year long.

Average temperatures in Turkey


Town July January
Air Water Air Water
Istanbul +25.5°С +24°C +6°С +8°C
Izmir +27°C +24°C +8°C +16°C
Antalya +29°C +27°C +10°C +17°C


Location. Turkey is located in both Europe and Asia. Many railways and roads connect European and Asian countries.

Food. Turkey is famous for its cuisine, which is both diverse and healthy. Turkish markets offer many products that are produced locally for low prices.

The friendly attitude of Turkish people. People of Turkish nationality are generally welcoming and amicable and meet foreigners with hospitality.

Low cost of living. Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in Europe and the most affordable country in the Middle East. The average price one needs for living a month in Turkey is $1,000—1,500.

Is Turkish citizenship worth it?

Only you can answer whether moving to Turkey is a good idea for you. Consider your individual needs and whether the pros of living in Turkey outweigh the cons.
Families will love Turkey for the excellent school systems and low cost of living.

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