Turkish Visa

Important! Passport Validity

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date on which you propose to enter Turkey.


Uh… what?


Regulations published by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs state that foreign visitors to Turkey with valid passports are allowed to enter the country and to remain for a limited number of days (90 days for several visitors, but the amount of days varies by country and passport).


If your passport is such you’re allowed to remain for 90 days, the validity of your passport must extend a minimum of 90 days beyond the 90th day, or a complete of 180 days from the date you enter Turkey.


Note that it doesn’t matter how long you plan to remain in Turkey, it matters how long you’re allowed to remain .


Several months before leaving home, check the validity of your passport to ascertain if it’ll remain valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond the date once you decide to enter Turkey. Thus, if you propose to enter Turkey on May 1st, your passport should remain valid until a minimum of November of that year. If you’re unsure , renew your passport to increase its period of validity.


You will not be allowed to enter Turkey if your passport isn’t valid for a minimum of three months beyond the top of your PERMITTED period of stay.


Do You Need a Visa?


Most guests may enter Turkey without a visa or by purchasing an e-visa online from the authority Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs e-visa site ahead of time of the appearance in Turkey.


Do you need a visa? This Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular site can advise you, and you can discover on the e-visa site’s qualification page on the off chance that you can get your visa effectively on the web.


For most guests, the visa charge is only a traveler charge.


Must You Buy Your Visa Online in Advance?


On 25 October 2018, the e-visa site FAQ indicated this:


“I would prefer not to apply for an e-Visa. Would I be able to get a visa on appearance?”


“Indeed. In the event that you are a resident of one of the nations recorded beneath and you meet the necessary rules, you can get a visa on appearance. Generous visas the Ministry’s site (www.mfa.gov.tr) to get familiar with these prerequisites.”


The rundown of nations incorporates Armenia, Australia, Canada, the majority of those in Europe, some in the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom and the United States.


“Will the residents of the multitude of nations qualified for e-Visa acquire a visa on appearance?”


“No. While the residents of the nations recorded underneath can acquire an e-Visa, they are not qualified for visa on appearance.”


The rundown of nations remembered the vast majority of those for the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, including China and India. It did exclude any European, North or South American, or Australasian nations.


In any case, whatever your identification, don’t take a risk! Purchase your e-Visa online well before you show up!


Visa from a Turkish Consulate?


You can get your visa ahead of time, before you show up in Turkey, from any Turkish office, yet it involves time, inconvenience, and additional cost (you’ll pay a “visa preparing charge.”) It’s a lot easier to simply purchase an e-visa on the web in case you’re permitted to do as such.

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